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A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth


At Corpus Christi, we aim to inspire pupils to be curious and creative thinkers who develop a complex knowledge of local and national history, and the history of the wider world. We want pupils to develop the confidence to think critically, ask questions, and be able to explain and analyse historical evidence. Through our curriculum, we aim to build an awareness of significant events and individuals in global, British and local history and recognise how things have changed over time. Our curriculum will support children to appreciate the complexity of people’s lives, the diversity of societies and the relationships between different groups. We hope to develop pupils’ understanding of how historians study the past and construct accounts and the skills to carry out their own historical enquiries.

In order to prepare pupils for their future learning in History, our curriculum aims to introduce children to key concepts including power, invasion, settlement and migration, empire, civilisation, religion, trade, achievements of humankind, society and culture.

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