Corpus Christi

Catholic Primary School

A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by Corpus Christi?

We ensure that effective partnerships are developed and maintained with a range of agencies to support pupils’ learning and development fully.

We use outside agencies appropriately to support inclusion.  It is essential for our children and families that education, health and social care services all work together to support development.

Outside agencies that we liaise with include:

Education:  Educational Psychology Service, Diverse Thinking for support with learning difficulties, Linwood School Outreach, Portfield School Outreach, the Local Authority SEN team, local secondary schools, pre-schools and nurseries.

Health: Speech and Language Service, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), Physiotherapists (Poole Hospital), occupational therapists (Poole Hospital), school nurse, community pediatricians, Child Development Centre, Hearing and Vision Support Services, Children's Learning Disability Service, Health Visitors.

Social: Social services, The Family Support Hub, Children's Centres, Young Carers.

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