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A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth

How will the curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

At Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, we strive to be a community in which all can thrive, regardless of race, religion, culture, gender or individual need. We plan for children’s needs so that they are included at all levels.


We make sure that the children are involved in setting targets for their development and in making decisions about their learning through day to day discussions, and more formally through our IEP meetings and pupil conferencing sessions, where pupils have quality time with their teacher to set their own challenging and achievable targets based on their current achievements.

All lessons are differentiated to ensure that children can access the learning and are able to make progress within them.  Some children may need this differentiation to be at an individual level through adapting learning objectives, teaching styles and resources accordingly.


Some children may receive additional sessions in groups or individually, such as for developing social, emotional, physical, communication, literacy and numeracy skills (for a full list, see the section – ‘How will Corpus Christi support my child?’).


Children may work on their individualised targets in a group, in a whole class context or individually.  Teaching and learning is continually reviewed through a range of assessment procedures.  Our approach to the National Curriculum is enquiry based, allowing all children to learn about a topic through exploration and investigation and developing their skills in critical thinking.

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