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How will Corpus Christi prepare and support my child moving to the next stage of education? How will you increase their independence?

Transition can be difficult for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, so we endeavour to put strategies in place to make transition as smooth as possible for all children.


When children join us from an Early Years setting, we liaise with the Early Years professionals to gain information to ensure a happy, healthy start to school.  For any children with additional needs a separate transfer meeting will be held with parents/carers, Early Years providers, any relevant professionals, Reception teaching staff and the Inclusion leader or SENCo.  In this meeting, and through discussions with you, we plan for the best possible start to your child’s school life at Corpus Christi.  Children also have induction visits in the Summer term and at the beginning of the Autumn term. At the beginning of September, our Reception class teachers also offer home visits, which give you the opportunity to share as much valuable information as possible.  We put in place any additional aids for transition, such as photographs or social stories, to prepare children for joining us in the Summer before they start school.

You are invited to visit the school to ask any questions you may have and to see the school during a normal working day. 


Upon gaining a place in our Foundation Stage classes you are invited to introductory meetings to find out more about life at Corpus Christi.


If your child is moving to another school we will contact the new school and share relevant information on how best to allow for a smooth transition.  For children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND), if possible, the Inclusion Leader or SENCo will meet with the Special Needs team in the new school to plan for their arrival.  We will make sure that all records about your child are passed on as soon as possible.  Any work needed for transition (for example making a book about both schools), will occur in school before your child leaves.  Where possible, visits to the new school will be facilitated.


If your child is joining us from another school, we will talk to them about how to best meet your child’s needs and how to best prepare them for their transition.


As children move into new year groups, achievement, progress and social information is passed on to the new class teacher in advance and a planning meeting will take place with the new teacher.  Individual Education Plans (IEPS) are shared with the new teacher and work continues on these in September.  RSHE work is carried out in each class on change and these aim to calm any anxiety related to change.  Where appropriate, parents of children with SEND will have a meeting with new staff to make the transition smooth. 


The children have a session in their new classes before the summer holidays.  Where appropriate, additional visits are arranged for children who may need extra support in a new classroom environment.  Some children carry out small group work on transition with one of our Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) and they may receive a photo booklet explaining any changes for the new year.


Other areas such as the cloakrooms, toilets and any new doors to be used in or out of school will be visited by the children so that they become more familiar with any new areas to them.  Group and individual transition work begins in good time to prepare all children for change.


The school also host a visit from the local Catholic secondary school and Local Authority, to discuss transition arrangements for parents of Year 5 children and children are involved in visiting their new school.  The Year 6 class teachers attend a transition meeting with the secondary schools and they transfer all information relating to our Year 6 children to the relevant staff. We also host a BCP 'Moving on up' programme to help support Year 6 pupils through the transition from primary to secondary school.


The Inclusion Leader or SENCo will discuss the specific needs of children with the Special Educational Needs team from the child’s secondary school.  In most cases, a transition review meeting, to which you will be invited, will take place with the SEN team from the new school.


Children with SEND will participate in focused learning relating to aspects of transition, to support their understanding of the changes ahead.  This will usually take place over the summer term before they move.  Where possible, children visit their new school, and in some cases, staff from the new school visit children at Corpus Christi.


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