Corpus Christi

Catholic Primary School

A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth

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White shirt - Long or Short sleeved.

School tie

Dark grey trousers, pinafore or skirt 

Maroon V-Neck pullover or cardigan with the school badge

Grey or white socks, or grey tights

Black shoes


Summer Uniform (This can be worn in the Summer Term and Autumn 1 Term)

White shirt - short sleeved.

School tie

Dark grey shorts or pink checked dress

Maroon V-Neck pullover or cardigan with our badge

Black shoes. 



Maroon shorts, House T Shirt, black plimsolls or black trainers. The winter games kit also includes a tracksuit or sweatshirt and trousers (school colours).



We have limited space in our classrooms so please use our own school bag, available from QDOS



Hair must be worn in a reasonably conventional style and must never be too long at the front.  Hair colouring is not permitted.  Long hair must be tied back.  Please check with the head teacher if you are considering a style which might not fit in with this policy.



EARSTUDS are permitted with a maximum of one stud in each ear.  These should be as small as possible for safety reasons – no larger than 5 mm.  They should not be valuable as we can take no responsibility for these items.  Please ensure all piercings take place at the beginning of the summer holidays so that the children can take earrings out for PE.  We try to discourage the wearing of ear studs at all as so many find their way into lost property.



Analogue watches are permitted for children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6) but please bear in mind that we cannot take responsibility for these items.



No jewellery is allowed, apart from a necklace worn for religious reasons such as a crucifix.  We can take no responsibility for these items.



Teresa Medcraft  - 01202-434233 or MOB 07971-309826


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