Corpus Christi

Catholic Primary School

A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth

Our Vision

This vision statement has been developed in collaboration with Governors, Staff and Parents.


As a faith school, the Governors are committed to supporting all staff to draw out the light in every child. The school will nurture the children's personal development, to equip them with the academic, social and emotional skills to make a successful transition to secondary school.  We will endeavour to ensure that your child will have joyful and enriching experiences, beyond the academic excellence offered, in a personalised learning environment.


Anna Murphy-Sullivan
Chair of Governors

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Vision 2022/26


With Christ in our hearts, we aspire to be at the forefront of excellence and the preferred choice school for pupils, parents and staff.


1. Our Vision for Children 


With Christ as our guide, our children will be provided with a safe school environment with the opportunity to experience excellence in all aspects of school life.


a. We will develop the physical and emotional well-being of all our children.

b. We will guide the whole child in their spiritual, moral and social formation.

c. We will provide high quality teaching to develop knowledge, curiosity, wonder, creativity and a love of learning across all areas.

d. We will instil in our children critical thinking and informed decision making skills for the common good.


2. Our Vision for Staff 


With Christ as our model, we will support each other to  grow spiritually and professionally in our vocations.


a. We will create opportunities to develop the formation of all our staff and provide a nurturing balanced environment to promote emotional well-being and a deepening of vocation.

b. We will be leaders in the latest quality research, pedagogical understanding and provide opportunities for career development.

c. We will strive to recognise and develop the unique gifts that all the staff bring to the school.


3. Our Vision for the Community 


Together with Christ we will engage with our families, parish and local community to celebrate, witness and serve.


a. We recognise our families as the primary educators and will engage in dialogue to optimise their child’s holistic education. 

b. We will build upon our presence within the parish community.

c. We will be reflective and outward looking to serve our local community with a preferential option for the vulnerable, marginalised and under-represented. 


4. Our Vision for the School Environment and Infrastructure 


With Christ as our guide, we will continue to provide a safe and stimulating environment to enhance the children’s learning experience.


a. We will maintain and adapt our school to the highest standards to enhance the wider curriculum and needs of our children.

b. We will provide a safe and stimulating playground that promotes an active lifestyle.

c. We will incorporate nature to enhance the school environment.

d. We will actively reduce our carbon footprint. 

e. We will review the school support infrastructure to respond to the changing needs of the school organisation.

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