Corpus Christi

Catholic Primary School

A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff who make up our school.

Some members of staff have chosen not to have their actual faces displayed.  To respect their wishes we show other pictures/images instead.

SEND, Pastoral Care and ELSA

Mrs Froud - Pastoral Support
Mrs Middleton - Pastoral Support
Mrs Mugan - ELSA
Miss Stewart - Assistant SENcO
Sister Maria - Catholic Support

KS1 - Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Mrs Hendy - ReceptionTeacher
Miss Whiting - Reception Teacher
Mrs Bailey-Pearce - Teacher
Ms Holmes - Reception Teacher
Miss Martins - Yr 1 Teacher
Miss Gange - Year 1 Teacher
Miss Ward - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Macfarlane - Year2 Teacher
Mrs Atfield - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bialas - Teaching Assistant/Year 2/EAL
Mrs Dewhurst - Teaching Assistant/Year 2
Mrs Domeneghetti, Teaching Assistant/Year 2 /EAL
Mrs Gallagher - Teaching Assistant/SEN
Mrs Groundsell, Teaching Assistant/Year 1
Mrs Higgins, Teaching Assistant/Reception
Mrs Krassowska - Teaching Assistant
Mrs McFadden, Teaching Assistant/Reception
Mrs Major, Teaching Assistant/Reception
Mrs Mugan, Teaching Assistant/Year 1
Mrs O'Sullivan, Teaching Assistant/Year 1
Mr Salgado - Teaching Assistant/Reception
Mrs Pisarczyk - Teaching Assistant

KS2 - Year 3, 4, 5 and 6

Mrs Chinchen - Year 3 Teacher
Mr Gately - Yr 3 Teacher
Miss Bunnett - Year 4 Teacher
Miss Davis - Year 4 Teacher
Miss Corio - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Drummond - Year 5 Teacher
Miss Davies - Year 6 Teacher
Miss Ryman - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Lucas - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Arch - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Finch - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Farjadpour - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Peat - Teaching Assistant/SEN
Mrs Quinn - Teaching Assistant/SEN
Mrs Van der Zee - Teaching Assistant/SEN

Specialist Teachers

Mr Jelitko - Music Teacher
Mrs O'Neill - PPA Teacher
Mrs Richards - PPA Teacher
Sister Maria
Miss Duncan - Art Teacher


Mr Lennon - Headteacher
Mrs Boyce - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Lucas - Acting Assistant Headteacher
Miss Stewart - Assistant SENCo
Mrs Ingleby - SENCo
Mrs Solly - School Business Manager

Office and Support Staff

Ms Alves - Catering Assistant and Cleaner
Mr Barrow - Premises Manager
Ms Brook - MDS and Cleaner
Mrs Chowaniec - Before School Club and MDS
Mr Corsi - Finance & Administration Officer
Mrs de Marco - Catering Assistant
Mr Hill - Caretaker
Mrs Jardim de Castro - Cleaner
Mrs Kelly - Catering Assistant
Mrs Leane - Cleaner
Miss Polihronos - Office Manager
Mrs Pye - ICT Technician
Mrs Toohey - Receptionist and Admin. Assistant
Mrs Whitaker - MDS

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