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A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth


Good School Attendance is Important 


Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School seeks to ensure all its pupils receive an education which maximises opportunities for each pupil to realise their true potential. The school staff aim to create a welcoming, warm environment whereby each member of the school community feels welcome and secure; they work with families to ensure each child attends school regularly and punctually. 


What does good attendance mean? 


Understand your child’s attendance percentage.

  • 90% Attendance = ½ a day of school missed each week.

  • Over a whole school year, this equals 4 weeks of missed school (20 school days).

  • Extended to 5 years, this would mean your child would have missed ½ a year of school.

Research from the Department for Education shows the following:

  • Children with no absence are more than 50% more likely to achieve the expected standard by the end of primary school.

  • The same children are 5 times more likely to achieve the higher standard by the end of primary school.

  • Encourage your child to achieve great attendance!



It is unsettling for a child arriving into class late each morning when the other children have already begun their day and are getting on with learning. 


Registration Times – Class Teacher Responsibilities

  • Children should arrive at school between 8:30 am - 9:00 am.

  • The register is taken at 9:00 am.

  • Authorised late when child arrives between 9:00 am - 9.10 am

  • Unauthorised absence when child arrives after 9.10 am



Parents are responsible for enabling their children to attend school regularly and promptly. They must inform the school about an absence as soon as possible and liaise with school when attendance issues arise. 


Requesting Absence

The Absence Request Form (below) needs to be completed if you have an exceptional circumstance where your child needs time off school. Please read the form carefully so that you understand what we can and cannot authorise. 

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