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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Seal Update


Cheddar! She is in the kennels, and doing very well. She is very feisty, even though she is small, and is always very angry at us! Because she is so small, she doesn't have enough blubber (fat) to keep herself warm, so she spends a lot of time on the orange mat at the front of her kennel. This orange mat is heated, and keeps her nice and toasty warm when it gets cold! Soon, she'll fatten up into a little blob and will be able to be moved into the pools. 

Picture 1

Great News Seal Rescue


Some lovely news ...3BM recently took part in a Nature Survey and as a result our school have now adopted a seal pup called ‘Cheddar’ who is being rehabilitated at Seal Rescue in Ireland. Here are the initial pics (see below) and I’ll forward more updates with you so that you can share the news with your class. More information to follow.


Cheddar will eventually be released back into the wild, so we can look forward to showing the children a video of this special event when she has been fully rehabilitated. 

3C Seal naming and Adoption

3C Seal naming and Adoption 1
3C Seal naming and Adoption 2
3C Seal naming and Adoption 3
3C Seal naming and Adoption 4

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 3


We will be learning all about Ancient Egypt in History this half term and then modern day Egypt (Geography) in the next half term. There is lots to learn and lots of fun activities to do too.



In RE we will be talking about Creation and how in Baptism we are called to look after God’s world.  We will discuss looking after our environment and caring for the planet.




Reading is very important in our school, we will share class readers, read our own books and we encourage every child to read at home every day.



We are active learners and we encourage each other to grow more independent every day.

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