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Portsmouth Diocese

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Diocese Logo

This is the logo of the Portsmouth Diocese, of which Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School is proud to be a member.


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Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School has been recognised with an award for its excellence in promoting active and sustainable travel.  The school has encouraged all pupils to use one or more forms of active travel (walking, cycling and scooting) or sustainable travel (using public transport).

Through the organisation of Ms Allonby, Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School has won a Bronze award for the cultural, organisational and behavioural changes which have helped the school as a whole to choose to travel in more active and sustainable ways.  Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School has then gone on to win a Silver award because we have continued to demonstrate commitment in promoting active and sustainable travel.  Our pupils and staff are all continuing to use at an increased amount, active travel whenever possible.

Healthy Schools

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Healthy School Plus 

This has always been a central focus at Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School.  A healthy school means, Happy, Healthy children who are able to learn to the best of their ability.  The school shows this in a number of ways:


  • Ensuring that children have access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Ensuring that all children have a healthy snack and drink at breaktime.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of physical activities.
  • Giving children the opportunity to voice and contribute their thoughts and ideas about healthy living.
  • Offering cycling training courses for Year 6 pupils, to ensure that all children understand and practice cycle safety on the roads.
  • Encouraging and promoting active and sustainable travel.

Beach Schools

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Beach Schools

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School sits close to Boscombe beach. As such, we like to use our local resources as much as possible, by taking classes to the beach and discovering what it has to offer. Mrs Chinchen has been trained to make the children use and respect the marine shores and beaches in a sustained way for the benefits of now and for future generations.  




The National Childrens Bureau has been improving lives of children and young people for 50 years.  Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School is working with children, for children to improve their physical and mental health.

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