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Well Being Week


During our Sports and Wellbeing Week, children across the school participated in a range of activities to promote health, fitness and wellbeing.


‘Roam to Rome - Children in KS2 took part in a fun run along the seafront, raising over £1400 for the Amelia Trust Rainbow Fund.


Our Sports Leader Festival involved the Sports Leaders organising 10 stations, including Paralympic activities for EYFS and Y1 to attempt.


Children enjoyed the AFCB Powerstrike, where every child had the opportunity to kick the ball in a goal and have the MPH recorded. Year 5 took part in Beach Volleyball with an Olympic Coach and the Olympic Torch visited every class!


Sports Day at Kings Park was its usual annual success, where children participated in a range of activities to represent their House Teams and took part in some superb competitive events too!


Children in all year groups enjoyed Yoga sessions, led by Rebecca Rodriguez, an experienced children’s Yoga teacher.


During our Enrichment afternoon, children across the school participated in a variety of workshops of their choice, including still life painting, sewing, yoga, superhero junk modelling, sensory and mindfulness activities and much more.    

Following on from its success this year, we are already looking forward to planning another Sport and Wellbeing Week next year!

Results of a Questionnaire


The entire school took part in a Yoga taster after which Key Stage 2 (KS2) pupils were given a questionnaire to complete.  There are 256 pupils in KS2, but not all of them returned completed questionnaires. Here are the results of the 160 (62.5% of the sample) which were completed.
Q1 Was this your first experience of Yoga?
134     said Yes
35       said No
Had all the children completed a form this might have computed to 202 of the 256 (79%) saying Yes.

Q2 What did you enjoy most in the session?
91       Relaxation/Balance/Calming
46       Particular Moves
1          Warm up
31       The whole experience
Q3 Was there anything you didn’t enjoy? If so, say why.
131     There was nothing I didn't like
29       One Posture/Position too difficult/couldn’t do
3          Left feeling tired
4          Muscles hurt
4          Most of it
Q8 Would you like to try Yoga again?
110      Yes
49       Maybe
10         No
Had all the children completed a form this might have computed to 166 of the 256 (65%) saying Yes

Q9 What Benefits do you think Yoga could give you if you practiced regularly?
83       More relaxed
98       Improved concentration/focus                      
86       Improved Fitness and Strength
47       Balance
58       Flexibility
None of the children played about or didn’t take the experience seriously.
Here are some of the lovely comments made by the pupils:
“Yoga made me feel calm, stretched out and relaxed” Yr. 4
“If I did Yoga regularly it would make me more confident, energetic and able to concentrate” – Yr. 4
“The 30 minutes of Yoga gave me a chance to get away from the stress and relax” – Yr. 6
“It would relieve stress and concentrate our focus on learning – especially in year 6 Sats.” – Yr. 6
“A chance to be Calm!” – Yr. 5
“It improved my ability to learn and speed to learn as well as improving my health” – Yr. 5
“Concentration, Flexibility, Agility and Balance. All could improve.” – Yr. 4
“I think that I would be a much calmer person if I practised Yoga regularly.” – Yr. 6
“It would help me concentrate in class and other places.  It also would make me more flexible and fit.” – Yr. 5
“It would improve balance, focus, muscle and flexibility.” – Yr. 6
“First sport I have enjoyed.” – Yr. 3

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