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CCCPS My Light House

Singing to guide you through the troubled sea.

Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018

Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 1 Year 1
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 2 Year 3 - Respect
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 3 Year 3 - Respect
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 4 Year 3 - Respect
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 5 Year 3 - Respect
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 6 Year 5 - Play
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 7 Year 5 - Play
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 8 Year 5 - Play
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 9 Caring Cadets - Year 6 Words and Art
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 10 Caring Cadets - Year 6 Words and Art
Anti-Bullying Assembly 2018 11 Caring Cadets - Year 6 Words and Art

Corpus Christi Day 2017 - Children Celebrate after a lovely church service with an Ice Cream paid for by the PTA

Advent 2016 - Thanks to Misson together

Autumn 2016


Friday Oct 14th is a mufti day for Cafod, Brighten up this Harvest where all the children are being encouraged to wear as many colours as they can in one outfit.



During this Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has asked us to rediscover the corporal works of mercy, one of which is to feed the hungry. Families in Bolivia face many challenges in growing enough food. It is the poorest country in South America and many Bolivians, especially children, are malnourished. In one remote area, on a high plain called the Altiplano, families have to deal with poor quality soil. The climate is changing and the weather is unpredictable. Sometimes devastating hailstorms or heavy frosts destroy crops. At other times there is not enough rain. These conditions make it incredibly tough to grow food, meaning many families go hungry. That’s why we are asking you to Brighten Up this Harvest – to help build a brighter world and to put into action the corporal work of mercy: feed the hungry. Your fundraising will support communities like Ruben’s in Bolivia to grow enough food for themselves, by providing seeds and training in farming methods and by teaching people how to build greenhouses. So use the bright colours and vibrancy of Bolivia to organise your own bright fundraiser on or around Harvest Fast Day

A Special Opera Experience

A Special Opera Experience 1
A Special Opera Experience 2
A Special Opera Experience 3
A Special Opera Experience 4
A Special Opera Experience 5
A Special Opera Experience 6

The Opera was telling the tale of the first dog in space.  Great experience for the children to see a different way of seeing and hearing a story to be told.

Some Photos from this year's Nativity. What a Happy Christmas - Taken by Clair Sheaff


This week has been Anti-Bullying Week.


We started the week with Blue Monday - Everybody was encouraged to wear something blue. All of the classes and years have been discussing bullying to raise awareness and support  Anti-Bullying and to also support Mental Health & Well Being.


Year Six created a video and entered a competition for which they have received a certificate for their contribution.  The School Council held a badge making competition, the winners were announced during Friday's Assembly.

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week 1
Anti-Bullying Week 2
Anti-Bullying Week 3
Anti-Bullying Week 4
Anti-Bullying Week 5
Anti-Bullying Week 6
Anti-Bullying Week 7
Anti-Bullying Week 8
Anti-Bullying Week 9
Anti-Bullying Week 10
Anti-Bullying Week 11
Anti-Bullying Week 12
Anti-Bullying Week 13
Anti-Bullying Week 14
Anti-Bullying Week 15
Anti-Bullying Week 16

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