Corpus Christi

Catholic Primary School

A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth

School Council

Our School Council is a group of children who have been elected by their peers to represent their views and opinions. The School Council takes on projects on behalf of the pupils, and is involved in planning, fundraising, liaising with the School Leadership Team and interviewing prospective staff. Having a School Council ensures that our pupils’ voices are heard, and that they too play a role in improving life at Corpus Christi.


School Council 2021-22

Josh 1G

 Evie 1M

Joseph and Ellie 2H

 Natalia 2S

 Tamara 3EG

 Frankie 3G

 Ruby 4B

Eliana 4L

Dylan 5C

Ellie 5D

Lorena 6D

Euan 6R


Corpus Christi School Council works hard to:

·       Represent all pupils and include as many people as possible

·       Take time to listen to all pupils and communicate their views

·       Feed back to pupils about what is happening in school

·       Make things happen!


The School Council regularly meets to discuss ideas to improve and support school life.  Each councillor brings their class’s suggestion box; these may include ideas to improve teaching and learning, playground/wet play equipment, school clubs, as well as ideas for fundraising events or reducing our carbon footprint. Members of the School Council are responsible for carrying out ideas that they have agreed, such as planning charity events, school workshops, meeting with Governors or other communities and putting forward the views of other children in the school.


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