Corpus Christi

Catholic Primary School

A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth


We believe that very child should have the opportunity to take part in physical activity on a regular basis and become more physically confident and competent. We hope that, through all the sporting opportunities and physical activity we offer, the children will develop a love and passion for sport and fitness, and continue this into their later lives.

Our class teachers provide the children with at least 2 hours of active PE lessons every week. As a school, we recognise the positive impact physical activity can have on other areas of the curriculum, so we strive to be as active as possible throughout the school day, in a range of curriculum areas.  In conjunction with Science and RHSE, we educate children on developing and sustaining a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

Many children have the opportunity to serve as Sports Leaders; these children lead sporting activities, organise games and events, and learn to lead by example. By emphasising leadership, we hope the children learn the importance of communication, organisation, team work, resilience, perseverance and respect for rules.

PE assessment focuses on the 4 key areas: technical ability, health and fitness, social and emotional, and decision making/knowledge and creativity.

We also strive to give as many children as possible the opportunity to compete in a variety of competitions, during school time or by representing the school at local events. We hope that in doing so, the children will develop greater confidence, team work and learn to win or lose with grace and sportsmanship.

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