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Online Safety

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E-Safety update January 2017


Online safety

The NSPCC and O2 have launched a campaign to illustrate how innocent searches online can lead to not so innocent results. Highlights how using parental controls to block or filter content can help keep children safe online and includes information on how to set up parental controls on mobiles and tablets, home computers, search engines and games consoles.

Source: NSPCC 


Children’s engagement with the internet and social media

The Children’s Commissioner for England has published a report looking into how well children are prepared to engage with the internet. Findings include: opaque and lengthy social media terms and conditions mean children unknowingly waive privacy rights; a Mumsnet survey of nearly 900 parents of children aged 2-18 showed that 73% were concerned about their children accessing inappropriate material online, 49% were worried about their child oversharing personal information, and 41% felt they needed more advice to make informed decisions about their children’s online use. Recommendations include: a champion for children’s rights online is needed to enforce their rights with social media companies; an obligatory digital citizenship programme for 4 to 14 year-olds should be set up.

Source: Children’s Commissioner for England  

E-Safety encompasses all Internet technologies and electronic communications such as mobile phones as well as collaboration tools and personal publishing. It highlights the need to educate pupils about the benefits and risks of using technology and provides safeguards and awareness for users to enable them to control their online experience.

The following documents all relate to our approach to keeping the children within our care safe online.

Click here to view/download our E-Safety Policy.


Please click below to view/download our Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement and our Conditions of Use of Social Networking Sites document.


In school we already have safety measures in place regarding the internet. The internet is controlled by the accredited filtering service from ‘South West Grid for Learning’ (SWGfL). The SWGfL deploys an enhanced version of RM SafetyNet™ Plus to filter the internet stream. This means that a decision to deliver (or not) a Web page is made for every single request. For further information about their control measures and policies please see the link below.


The government campaign to Zip It, Block It, Flag It which gives information on E-Safety. Click on the link below


External organisations also have some useful advice for parents and children so please use the following links to view vital information about how to keep your child safe online.

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