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Dorset Wildlife Trust has popped in to look around our gardens. They can see that they are new, young gardens, but they are fantastic for all the natural wildlife. They said, "The native insect, birds and small creatures must think it is wonderful". We have been given some ideas for early spring and late summer flowers and also how to make our insect and hedgehog homes more enticing. We are also looking at converting one of our old sinks into mini pond haven. It is a tranquil place to learn and rest.

Wintery Images

Visit by Amelia Rainbow Fund Charity

Visit by Amelia Rainbow Fund Charity 1 Rainbow Garden
Visit by Amelia Rainbow Fund Charity 2 Reflective and Sensory Garden
Visit by Amelia Rainbow Fund Charity 3 Roam to Rome Money Raised

September 2016 - New Year and tidying and moving is underway


We have five different types of gardens, all needing and using different skills and techniques, but all interlinking.


Flowerpot and Hanging Baskets Garden - Foundation & Y 1

Reflection Garden - Five Senses to be active here - Yr 2 & 3

Vegetable Garden - All sorts of Vegetables - Yr 4

Celebration Garden - Flower Garden this year celebrating the Queen's 90th. Red, White and Blue - Y5

Rainbow Garden - This Garden is linked with the Amelia Grace Rainbow Charity - Yr 6

June/July - Wildlife in the Calming Garden

Year 6 Rocket Test


Tim Peake Rocket Science experiment linked with the RHS, 

As you maybe aware year 6D completed the experiment last month and we sent the results off to the RHS for analysis. Our results showed that the Red packet of seeds were more successful than the Blue packet under equal growing conditions. This week Tim Peake now back on earth reviled that it was the Blue packet of seeds which were in space for 6 months. We do not yet have the national results yet but our findings here at Corpus Christi RC primary school is that seeds taken to space will germinate and grow but not as well as those here on earth. A letter from Tim to all who took part says, "Thank you so much for being part of our national experiment Rocket Science. The data has now been sent for analysis the results will be reviled in the Autumn and posted for you all to see and for you to compare with your own results".    

Thank you Tim and thank you all that took part in the experiment.

10th May 2017 Corpus Christi Calming Garden - Awarded a Wildlife Friendly Garden by Dorset Wildlife Trust

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