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Talk for Writing

“You can’t write a story unless you can tell a story;

you can’t tell a story unless you have head a story.” 

Pie Corbett


‘Talk for Writing’ (T4W) is based on the thinking and creative processes involved in ‘being a writer’, including knowing how to generate and develop ideas; drawing on a breadth of reading; and understanding how to draft, refine and improve writing. For experienced writers, many of these processes are internal and automatic. However, many young writers benefit from explicit exploration of these processes through supportive talk, so as to share the thinking involved in creating writing.


T4W also involves the oral learning of model texts and the oral development of new versions so that children internalise the language patterns that they need for writing, adding to their linguistic competency. 


All children, including those who speak English as a second language, greatly benefit from the T4W model of teaching.

Phonics, Spelling and Reading


Through a robust phonics programme, all children will learn the necessary skills to become confident readers and writers. The teaching of phonics takes place every day in Early Years and Key Stage 1, following the Letters and Sounds programme for systematic phonics. We supplement this with the Jolly Phonics scheme, which incorporates actions, songs and visuals to support learning.  Phonics continues to be taught throughout KS1 and KS2. 


In Years 2-6, the children learn spelling rules and strategies through investigations over short discreet lessons and within whole class reading and writing. Every child also has their own Spelling Shed account, where they can complete assignments and practise key words online.


We encourage all pupils to develop a love of reading. We are fortunate to have a school library that all children can visit regularly.  Each class has a dedicated reading area and whole-class sets of reading books to enjoy each term. We use a variety of reading schemes throughout the school including those based on phonics and high frequency word recognition.  

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