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A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth

Corpus Christi Church

A Message from Father Adrian SJ


Hope all is well with you and school community 

Strange times and now all churches locked, at least we must be grateful that we can use IT to contact and share distant prayers with others.

Would you be able to send out the second week  Outreach to school families and staff 

Fr Adrian sends his love and prayers to all. He daily offers a Private Mass for all the Parish community.


Keep well

Love and God Bless 

A Message from Father Adrian SJ

It is a great bonus to the whole parish to have the school so close and a

delight for the parish that the school use their parish for Mass every week.

All are welcomed at this Mass whatever their family commitments to the

church is.

I am able to say with sincerity that Corpus Christi Primary School is one of 

the jewels in the crown of the parish. I enjoy my visits to the school and am 

happy to help  in whatever way I am able, in the school but I also know you 

are well looked after by the Sisters for whom we must all be grateful.

God bless and prayers


Adrian Howell SJ

The View from our Playground of Corpus Christ Church

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