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Dear Parents and Carers,


My Name is David Dancey-wood and I would like to send a personal invitation to your child, a gifted and talented artist. I teach after school drawing lessons for key stage 2 pupils at Corpus Christi School. Art is an important part of a child's education and there is so little time to get really stuck in during the normal working day for those who have a creative passion. I have been running classes at several selected schools in the local area with great success for the past few years. All of the children who have attended the classes so far have really enjoyed them and can't wait to come along each week for a new challenge. I have watched the children slowly learn to become more confident with a pencil and each week their skills gradually improve with some amazing results.


Art classes will be targeted at all those who enjoy drawing and have shown a real enthusiasm for the subject. The classes will start by teaching fundamental basic skills and will build confidence with a new challenge each week. I primarily focus on drawing from nature as most children adore the natural world and all things originate from this. For best results commitment will be needed to attend regular lessons over several terms, after all you would not expect your child to learn the piano in only half a term.


It must be remembered that this is not an after school club but a serious class for the learning and development of drawing techniques.


Some materials will be provided and some will need to be purchased as time goes on, but the cost of these will be minimal. If you require any more information about myself and my work as an artist please look up my website


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