Corpus Christi

Catholic Primary School

A Newman Partnership School within the Diocese of Portsmouth

Care, Courtesy and Concern

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 The Governing Body

The Governing Body of Corpus Christi has been organised to ensure the governors can best support and challenge the school so that it can constantly improve.

Our Governing Body expertise and guidance from beyond the educational background. Each governor brings skills and attributes from their professional lives, which support the head teacher and senior staff in their roles. We see the role of governors as that of a ‘critical friend’, where they challenge the school to constantly strive to do better while supporting the school with its on-going plans and activities.


The Full Governing Body (FGB) - all governors are part of the FGB.  Each committee reports back to the FGB with its findings.


The Finance and Resources Committee (F&R) - this committee oversees the School Budget, Staffing, Premises, Contracts, Energy, Building and Refurbishment projects.


The School Improvement and Standard Committee (SIS) - this committee oversees Teaching and Learning, the school's Data on Children's Progress and Attainment, monitors the School Improvement Plan, Attendance, Safeguarding and Behaviour.


Foundation Governors are appointed by the Portsmouth Diocesan Trustees and serve for four years, after which time they are eligible for re-appointment.


Any parent who wishes to consult the governing body is invited to write to the governors through the school. Our Complaints Policy outlines the process that any complaint should go through, please read this carefully before taking any action.


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Corpus Christi Primary Catholic School

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Picture 1
Picture 1 Mr Declan Goodwin - Executive Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Anna Murphy Sullivan - Chairperson
Picture 3 Mr Neville Conn - Vice Chairperson
Picture 4 Mrs Jenna Lucas
Picture 5 Mrs Rachael Cox - Foundation Governor
Picture 6 Mrs Joanna Hooper - Foundation Governor
Picture 7 Mr Monika Piotrowska - Parent Elected Governor

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