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How accessible is Corpus Christi?

The Physical environment of Corpus Christi is fully accessible.

There is a disabled parking bay in St. James's Square outside of the school for easy access.

There is a lift to access the first floor and level floors throughout.

There are accessible washroom facilities in both buildings.  Adjustments have been made to specific areas within the children’s toilets, as appropriate, to support individual’s with independent use of the toilets.  For example, the addition of handrails and platforms.

Classrooms are adjusted as appropriate to make them accessible for all.  For example, the arrangement of furniture and the addition of sound absorbing boards.

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Around the school children have access to resources to aid their learning as appropriate. For example, hearing packs, specialist seating etc.

Where appropriate staff attend medical training to allow children with medical needs to participate fully in school life.  Staff receive epipen training annually and other training as needed.

Every class uses visual timetables to help them know what is happening throughout the day.